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Notarizing a Document
Commission of Oaths, Affidavits, Solemn Affirmations and Declarations
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Solemn Declaration/Affidavit
Consent to Travel

* sample Consent to Travel Letter
Invitation Letters
* sample Invitation Letter
Power of Attorney (Specific and Continuing)
* sample Specific Power of Attorney
* Do-It-Yourself Specific Power of Attorney (payment required)
* sample Continuing Power of Attorney from Ontario Ministry of Attorney General website
Notarizing a Will
Affidavit of Execution
for a Will

* sample Affidavit of Execution
Criminal Record Check
Translator's Affidavit
* sample - Translator's Affidavit
Passports - In Lieu of Guarantor Form
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(across the street from Bathurst Station).

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Please note our office will be closed from SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 5TH to TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH inclusive. Regular MON, WED, FRI hours will resume WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH. For an appointment please call WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 9TH any time after 9:00 AM for a same-day appointment.

Thank you, and have a wonderful Labour Day Holiday!



  • 1st Notarization/Commission (any type) $14.95
  • 2nd and 3rd Notarization/Commission (any type) $12.00 each
  • 4th and 5th Notarization/Commission (any type) $10.00 each
  • 6th and additional Notarizations/Commissions $7.00 each
  • 15 or more Notarizations/Commissions -> Call for a special discount!

* Prices include all fees except HST

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A fully qualified lawyer/notary/commissioner will attend to your legalization needs. We offer our clients a quick, while-you-wait service that will save you time and money. Most appointments can be completed within 5 minutes!

We are conveniently located downtown at: 800 Bathurst Street, Suite 404, M5R3M8 (just across Bathurst Street from the Bathurst Subway Station on the Bloor Line); and our extended appointment hours will suit your schedule.
Our office is wheelchair accessible.Wheelchair Accessible

We schedule appointments for the following hours:

(Call first to arrange an appointment.  Same day appointments are available.)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
11:00am -  7:00pm (closed from 2pm - 4pm for lunch)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: Closed

Receptionist available for setting appointments:

Mon, Wed, Fri:   9:00am to 7:00pm
Tues, Thurs:   12:00pm to 6:30pm
Sat & Sun: Closed

(416) 939-4158

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Client Checklist

In order for Toronto Notary Public to be able to offer you the above quoted fees we ask that you follow these instructions:

  • If you need a certified/notarized copy of an original document bring the photocopy and the original document - the notary must view the original, and we don't do photocopying at our office.
  • Bring one government issued photo identification (examples: passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card, drivers licence, OHIP) or two government issued non-photo identification (examples: SIN card, birth certificate).
  • Complete all your documents: fill in forms, enter ID numbers if required, etc., prior to arriving at our office, except for signatures and dates (it is the Notary's job to properly identify you and witness you signing).
  • Note: Notary fees are charged per notary signature and seal, not per document.
  • Note: Quoted prices do not include the Government required H.S.T. (13% Harmonized Sales Tax)


*** Remember ***

  • DO NOT SIGN your document until you are before a Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths.
  • Documents CANNOT be notarized or commissioned unless the person signing the document is present before the NOTARY.


*** TIP ***

  • In Ontario notaries use an embossed seal. If you need to scan or photocopy the embossed seal, first lightly shade over the raised parts of the seal with a pencil so it will become visible in the scan or photocopy. You can erase the shading afterward.


*** Incidental Fees ***

  • An embossed seal is the only seal legally sanctioned for notarizing in Ontario. However, if you want to make your document look more classy by adding a red seal sticker, we can supply those for an additional $5.00 charge.
  • Unless your institution requires otherwise, a multi-page notarized/certified copy only requires one seal. The notary will indicate the number of pages in the document near his signature, and will initial each page. For documents of 5 pages or more there will be an extra fee of $0.25 per page.
  • If you require a copy of the Notary's Certificate, issued by the Province of Ontario, there will be an extra fee of $5.00.

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